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Registered users/developers have the possibility to

  • submit entries to the application database,
  • submit entries to the tool database,
  • modify entries in the publication database.
Compared to any other internet user, these are the only additional functionalities for a registered user/developer. That is, a registration only makes sense if you are actively working in the field of AD and want to add contents to this website.

We do NOT provide any assistance on using a particular AD tool.

To create a registered user/developer account, we ask you to provide the following information:

  • A username of your choice (max. 10 chars).
    The username should contain only alphanumerical characters.
    You will be notified if your chosen username is already taken by someone else.
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  • Your real name or the name of your group.
    • real name

  • The name / location of the institution or company you are working for.
    • institution / company

  • Your email address.
    This is where you password will be sent to and where we will contact you if we have questions concerning your login.
    • email

  • Please tell us in which section you would like to add or modify webpages, for instance, something like: “I'd like to submit a new AD tool.”
    • comment

The collected information will be sent to the webmaster of who will check your request. The webmaster will eventually activate your account manually.

Once your account has been approved, you will receive an email with your initial password that is necessary to log in to

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