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R. Boudjemaa, National Physical Laboratory (Great Britain). Centre for Mathematics, Scientific Computing, Great Britain. National Measurement System Directorate, Software Support for Metrology (Programme).
Automatic Differentiation Techniques and Their Applications
National Physical Laboratory, Centre for Mathematics and Scientific Computing, 2003
not yet classified
Jeffrey A. Fike, Juan J. Alonso
Automatic Differentiation Through the Use of Hyper-Dual Numbers for Second Derivatives
Recent Advances in Algorithmic Differentiation, Springer, 2012
Theory & Techniques:
Jorge J. Moré
Automatic Differentiation Tools in Optimization Software
Automatic Differentiation of Algorithms: From Simulation to Optimization, Springer, 2002
not yet classified
M. Jerrell
Automatic Differentiation Using Almost Any Language
Article in ACM SIGNUM Newsletter, 1989
not yet classified
M. Jerrell
Automatic Differentiation Using C++
Article in J. Object Oriented Programming, 1990
not yet classified
François Fraysse, Richard Saurel
Automatic differentiation using operator overloading (ADOO) for implicit resolution of hyperbolic single phase and two-phase flow models
Article in Journal of Computational Physics, 2019
Application Area:
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Yuri G. Evtushenko
Automatic Differentiation Viewed from Optimal Control Theory
Automatic Differentiation of Algorithms: Theory, Implementation, and Application, SIAM, 1991
not yet classified
Dan Piponi
Automatic Differentiation, C++ Templates, and Photogrammetry
Article in Journal of graphics, GPU, and game tools, 2004
not yet classified
Christian H. Bischof
Automatic Differentiation, Tangent Linear Models and Pseudo-adjoints
High-Performance Computing in the Geosciences, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1995
not yet classified
Michael Ulbrich, Stefan Ulbrich
Automatic Differentiation: A Structure-Exploiting Forward Mode with Almost Optimal Complexity for Kantorovic Trees
Applied Mathematics and Parallel Computing, Festschrift for Klaus Ritter, Physica-Verlag, 1996
not yet classified
William Castaings, Denis Dartus, Marc Honnorat, François-Xavier Le Dimet, Youssef Loukili, Jérôme Monnier
Automatic Differentiation: A Tool for Variational Data Assimilation and Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis for Flood Modeling
Automatic Differentiation: Applications, Theory, and Implementations, Springer, 2005
Application Area:
Flood Modeling
Michael Monagan, René R. Rodoni
Automatic Differentiation: An Implementation of the Forward and Reverse mode in Maple
Computational Differentiation: Techniques, Applications, and Tools, SIAM, 1996
not yet classified
H. Martin Bücker, George F. Corliss, Paul D. Hovland, Uwe Naumann, Boyana Norris
Automatic Differentiation: Applications, Theory, and Implementations
Springer, 2005
Theory & Techniques:
L. Dixon
Automatic Differentiation: Calculation of the Hessian
Encyclopedia of Optimization, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001
not yet classified
Herbert Fischer
Automatic differentiation: Fast method to compute f″(u)vv for given vector-valued f and given u, v
Technische Universtät München, Institut für Angewandte Mathematik und Statistik, 1987
not yet classified
George Corliss, Christèle Faure, Andreas Griewank, Laurent Hascoët, Uwe Naumann
Automatic Differentiation: From Simulation to Optimization
Springer, 2001
Theory & Techniques:
D. Kalman
Automatic Differentiation: Geometry of Satellites and Tracking Stations
Encyclopedia of Optimization, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001
not yet classified
Herbert Fischer
Automatic Differentiation: How to Compute the Hessian matrix
Schwerpunktprogramm der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft Anwendunsbezogene Optimierung und Steurung, 1987
Theory & Techniques:
M. Iri, K. Kubota
Automatic Differentiation: Introduction, History and Rounding Error Estimation
Encyclopedia of Optimization, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001
not yet classified
Marcela Rosemblun
Automatic Differentiation: Overview and Application to Systems of Parametrized Nonlinear Equations
Center for Research in Parallel Computation, Rice University, 1992
not yet classified


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