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Alex Shtof, Alexander Agathos, Yotam Gingold, Ariel Shamir, Daniel Cohen-Or
Geosemantic Snapping for Sketch-Based Modeling
Article in Computer Graphics Forum, 2013
not yet classified
A. Rhodin, U. Callies, D. Eppel
GESIMA 90 -- An Object-Oriented Approach to Program a Mesoscale Model and Its Adjoint
not yet classified
Christian Bischof, Alan Carle, George Corliss, Moe El-Khadiri, Paul Hovland, Andreas Griewank
Getting Started with ADIFOR
Mathematics and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory, 1992
A. Walther, A. Griewank
Getting started with ADOL-C
Combinatorial Scientific Computing, Chapman-Hall CRC Computational Science, 2012
Louis B. Rall
Global optimisation using automatic differentiation and interval arithmetic
Mathematics Research Center, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1985
not yet classified
Elden R. Hansen
Global Optimization Using Interval Analysis
Marcel Dekker, 1992
not yet classified
Elden R. Hansen
Global Optimization Using Interval Analysis -- The One-Dimensional Case
Article in J. Optim. Theory and Appl., 1979
not yet classified
Bruce Christianson, Michael C. Bartholomew-Biggs
Globalization of Pantoja's Optimal Control Algorithm
Automatic Differentiation of Algorithms: From Simulation to Optimization, Springer, 2002
not yet classified
Steve Benson, Lois C. McInnes, Jorge J. Moré
GPCG: A Case Study in the Performance and Scalability of Optimization Algorithms
Mathematics and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory, 1999
not yet classified
E. Ng, Bruce W. Char
Gradient and Jacobian computation for numerical applications
Conference proceeding, Proceedings of the 1979 Macsyma User's Conference, 1979
not yet classified
A. Sei, William W. Symes
Gradient Calculation of the Travel Time Cost Function without Ray-Tracing
Center for Research in Parallel Computation, Rice University, 1994
not yet classified
Louis B. Rall
Gradient Computation by Matrix Multiplication
Applied Mathematics and Parallel Computing, Physica-Verlag, 1996
not yet classified
Biswa Sengupta, Karl J. Friston, Will D. Penny
Gradient-based MCMC samplers for dynamic causal modelling
Article in NeuroImage, 2016
Application Area:
Michael B. Monagan, W. M. Neuenschwander
GRADIENT: Algorithmic Differentiation in Maple
Conference proceeding, Proceedings of the ISSAC '93, ACM Press, 1993
not yet classified
Trond Steihaug, A. K. M. Shahadat Hossain
Graph Coloring and the Estimation of Sparse Jacobian Matrices with Segmented Columns
Department of Informatics, University of Bergen, 1997
Theory & Techniques:
graph coloring, Jacobian-vector product, Sparsity
Shahadat Hossain, Trond Steihaug
Graph coloring in the estimation of sparse derivative matrices: Instances and applications
Article in Discrete Appl. Math., Elsevier Science Publishers B. V., 2008
Theory & Techniques:
graph coloring, Sparsity
M. Lülfesmann
Graphfärbung zur Berechnung benötigter Matrixelemente
Article in Informatik-Spektrum, 2008
Theory & Techniques:
graph coloring, Sparsity
Jim E. Horwedel
GRESS, A Preprocessor for Sensitivity Studies of Fortran Programs
Automatic Differentiation of Algorithms: Theory, Implementation, and Application, SIAM, 1991
E. M. Oblow
GRESS: Gradient-enhanced software system. Version D User's guide
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 1985
not yet classified
John E. Tolsma, Paul I. Barton
Hidden Discontinuities and Parametric Sensitivity Calculations
Article in SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, SIAM, 2002
Application Area:
Differential-Algebraic Equation


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