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George F. Corliss, Y. F. Chang
Solving Ordinary Differential Equations Using Taylor Series
Article in ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, 1982
Theory & Techniques:
Taylor Arithmetic
Ulrich Römer, Mahesh Narayanamurthi, Adrian Sandu
Solving parameter estimation problems with discrete adjoint exponential integrators
Article in Special issue of Optimization Methods & Software: Advances in Algorithmic Differentiation, Taylor & Francis, 2018
not yet classified
Andreas Griewank, Jens-Uwe Bernt, Manuel Radons, Tom Streubel
Solving piecewise linear systems in abs-normal form
Article in Linear Algebra and its Applications, 2015
Theory & Techniques:
Piecewise Linear
Andreas Griewank
Some Bounds on the Complexity of Gradients, Jacobians, and Hessians
Complexity in Nonlinear Optimization, World Scientific Publishers, 1993
not yet classified
Xiao-Chuan Cai
Some Domain Decomposition Algorithms for Nonselfadjoint Elliptic and Parabolic Partial Differential Equations
Courant Institute, 1989
not yet classified
Uwe Naumann, Jean Utke
Source Templates for the Automatic Generation of Adjoint Code through Static Call Graph Reversal
Conference proceeding, Computational Science - ICCS 2005, Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Science, Atlanta, GA, USA, May 22-25, 2005, Part I, Springer, 2005
Theory & Techniques:
Implementation Strategies, Reverse Mode
Rahul V. Kharche, Shaun A. Forth
Source Transformation for MATLAB Automatic Differentiation
Conference proceeding, Computational Science -- ICCS 2006, Springer, 2006
Alexander Hück, Johannes Willkomm, Christian Bischof
Source Transformation for the Optimized Utilization of the Matlab Runtime System for Automatic Differentiation
Recent Trends in Computational Engineering --- CE2014: Optimization, Uncertainty, Parallel Algorithms, Coupled and Complex Problems, Springer International Publishing, 2015
Laurent Hascoët, Mathieu Morlighem
Source-to-source adjoint Algorithmic Differentiation of an ice sheet model written in C
Article in Special issue of Optimization Methods & Software: Advances in Algorithmic Differentiation, Taylor & Francis, 2018
not yet classified
M. Tadjouddine, C. Faure, F. Eyssette
Sparse Jacobian Computation in Automatic Differentiation by Static Program Analysis.
Conference proceeding, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, 1998
Theory & Techniques:
Sparsity, Static Analysis
Sri Hari Krishna Narayanan, Boyana Norris, Paul Hovland, Duc C. Nguyen, Assefaw H. Gebremedhin
Sparse Jacobian Computation Using ADIC2 and ColPack
Article in Procedia Computer Science, 2011
Application Area:
ADIC, ColPack
Theory & Techniques:
Daniel R. Reynolds, Ravi Samtaney
Sparse Jacobian Construction for Mapped Grid Visco-Resistive Magnetohydrodynamics
Recent Advances in Algorithmic Differentiation, Springer, 2012
Theory & Techniques:
Paul E. Plassmann
Sparse Jacobian Estimation and Factorization on a Multiprocessor
Large-Scale Optimization, SIAM, 1990
Theory & Techniques:
Parallelism, Sparsity
Richard C. Price
Sparse Matrix Optimisation using Automatic Differentiation
Ph.D. thesis, Hatfield Polytechnic, 1987
not yet classified
Geir Gundersen, Trond Steihaug
Sparsity in higher order methods for unconstrained optimization
Article in Optimization Methods and Software, 2012
Theory & Techniques:
Higher Order, Sparsity
Shahadat Hossain, Trond Steihaug
Sparsity Issues in the Computation of Jacobian Matrices
Conference proceeding, Proceedings of the International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computing (ISSAC), ACM, 2002
Theory & Techniques:
Jacobian-vector product, Sparsity
Bruce Christianson, Shaun A. Forth, Andreas Griewank
Special issue of Optimization Methods & Software: Advances in Algorithmic Differentiation
Taylor & Francis, 2018
Theory & Techniques:
Herbert Fischer
Special Problems in Automatic Differentiation
Automatic Differentiation of Algorithms: Theory, Implementation, and Application, SIAM, 1991
not yet classified
H. M. Bücker
Special Section: Automatic differentiation and its applications
Article in Future Generation Computer Systems, 2005
Theory & Techniques:
Paul H. Davis, Bruce Stephens, George F. Corliss, Gary S. Krenz
Specification of a Preprocessor for Use with Differentiation Arithmetic
School of Mathematics, University of Bristol, 1988
not yet classified


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