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Martin Berz
Differential Algebra -- A New Tool
Proceedings of the 1989 IEEE Particle Accelerator Conference, IEEE, 1989
not yet classified
Ellis Robert Kolchin
Differential Algebra and Algebraic Groups
Academic Press, 1973
not yet classified
Martin Berz
Differential Algebra Precompiler Version 3 --- Reference Manual
National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan State University, 1990
not yet classified
Martin Berz
Differential algebraic description and analysis of trajectories in vacuum electronic devices including spacecharge effects
Article in IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 1988
not yet classified
Martin Berz
Differential Algebraic Description of Beam Dynamics to Very High Orders
Article in Particle Accelerators, 1989
not yet classified
Martin Berz
Differential Algebraic Formulation of Normal Form Theory
Conference proceeding, Proc. Nonlinear Effects in Accelerators, IOP Publishing, 1992
not yet classified
Ellis Robert. Kolchin
Differential Algebraic Groups
Academic Press, 1985
not yet classified
Martin Berz
Differential Algebraic Treatment of Beam Dynamics to Very High Orders including Applications to Spacecharge
Article in AIP Conference Proceedings, 1988
not yet classified
J. -B. Caillau, O. Cots, J. Gergaud
Differential continuation for regular optimal control problems
Article in Optimization Methods and Software, 2012
Application Area:
Optimal Control
D. Jacobson, D. Mayne
Differential Dynamic Programming
Elsevier, 1970
not yet classified
J. Pantoja
Differential Dynamic Programming and Newton's Method
Article in International Journal on Control, 1988
not yet classified
D. M. Murray, S. J. Yakowitz
Differential Dynamic Programming and Newton's Method for Discrete Optimal Control Problems
Article in Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, 1984
not yet classified
Richard D. Neidinger
Differential Equations are Recurrence Relations in APL
Article in APL92 Conference Proceedings, APL Quote Quad,
not yet classified
Morris Hirsch
Differential Topology
Springer-Verlag, 1976
not yet classified
Gunther Reißig, Wade S. Martinson, Paul I. Barton
Differential-Algebraic Equations of Index 1 May Have an Arbitrarily High Structural Index
Article in SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 2000
not yet classified
S. Schlenkrich, A. Walther, N. R. Gauger, R. Heinrich
Differentiating Fixed Point Iterations with ADOL-C: Gradient Calculation for Fluid Dynamics
Conference proceeding, Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Processes -- Proceedings of 3rd HPSC 2006, Springer, 2008
Application Area:
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Theory & Techniques:
Reverse Mode
S. Gratton, D. Titley-Peloquin, P. Toint, J. Ilunga
Differentiating the Method of Conjugate Gradients
Article in SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, 2014
Application Area:
Perturbation Analysis
Bruce Christianson
Differentiating through conjugate gradient
Article in Special issue of Optimization Methods & Software: Advances in Algorithmic Differentiation, Taylor & Francis, 2018
not yet classified
Louis B. Rall
Differentiation and generation of Taylor coefficients in Pascal-SC
A New Approach to Scientific Computation, Academic Press, 1983
not yet classified
D. Wang
Differentiation and Integration of Indefinite Summations with Respect to Indexed Variables
Article in J. Symbolic Computation, 1994
not yet classified


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