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The workshop will take place at:
INRIA Sophia-Antipolis
2004, Route des Lucioles
Conference room Kahn 2-3

How to get there

INRIA SOPHIA-ANTIPOLIS (GPS 43.61619N (43°36'58") 7.06786E (07°04'04")) is 20 km away from Nice international airport. The airport is connected to many European cities, and to several other foreign locations. There is a (1 Euro!) direct bus connection (not on week-ends) from the coast road (Promenade des Anglais) just by the airport (bus 230, stop "Aeroport/Promenade"), almost direct to INRIA entrance gate (stop "INRIA"). Beware, there is also an "INRA" which is not us! There is also a local bus from the Antibes railway station. Local bus lines 1,11,22,100 are interesting if you stay in Antibes.


Every participant will pay for one's lodging separately. Lodging is not included in the fee. Please make your reservation well in advance. We would advise you to stay right inside Sophia-Antipolis, which is a sort of technology and science park. Although it may prove a little quiet at night... Antibes is more lively for those who want to extend their stay. Otherwise, the city of Valbonne maintains a list of existing hotels, but Valbonne city is not close to Sophia-Antipolis and not very well connected. Most search engines will probably propose plenty of hotels around. This map shows the hotels that we recommend in Sophia, at walking distance from the meeting room:

  • Hotel B&B "Le Relais",
    3725 route des Dolines,
    Tel +33 892 70 27 00,
    around 40 E.
  • Hotel B&B (Another one),
    3550 route des Dolines,
    Tel +33 892 70 28 11,
    around 40 E.
  • Hotel Omega,
    49 Rue Beethoven,
    Tel +33 492 96 07 07.
    around 90 E.
  • Hotel Ibis,
    502 Rue Albert Caquot,
    Tel +33 493 65 30 60,
    around 90 E.

Higher Class:

  • Hotel Mercure,
    Rue Albert Caquot,
    Tel +33 492 96 04 04,
    around 110 E.
  • Hotel Novotel,
    Rue Fedor Dostoïevski,
    Tel +33 492 38 72 38,
    around 110 E.
  • Hôtel Sophia Country Club,
    3550 route des Dolines,
    Tel +33 492 96 68 78,
    around 130 E.

Cheaper (but midway between a Hotel and a student dorm):

  • Lycée International de Valbonne (CIV),
    190 rue Frédéric Mistral,
    Tel +33 492 96 52 43,
    20 E. for a student room, 36 to 46 E. for a better room.

For those who want to extend their stay in a more lively place, such as Antibes city,
here are two hotels in Antibes that people generally like:


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