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Fürstengraben 27
07743 Jena, Germany

Map / Public Transportation

Map of Jena (Google)
Map of Jena (Google-free)
Public Transportation in Jena


The nearest airport is situated in Erfurt, the State Capital of Thuringia, 70 km from Jena. More details on this small airport are available at  www.flughafen-erfurt-weimar.de

Larger airports:

  • Leipzig/Halle (LEJ) approx. 1:20 h by train
  • Dresden (DRS) approx. 3:30 h by train
  • Frankfurt (FRA) approx. 3:40 h by train
  • Berlin Tegel (TXL) approx. 2:30 h by bus and train
  • Berlin Schönefeld (SXF) approx. 2:30 h by train
  • Munich (MUC) approx. 4:00 h by train


    Jena is typically better served via the north-south connection (Berlin - Munich) than via the east-west connection (Frankfurt - Dresden). In Jena, there is no main station; you will typically arrive either at the station "Jena West" or at "Jena Paradies". On www.bahn.de you should choose "JENA" and it will automatically direct you to one of the two stations. Since Jena is a small town it doesn't really matter where you arrive. As long as you stay in the center, everything is in walking distance.


    Instead of traveling by train or airplan, you can also get to Jena by bus. For example, you can reach Jena using FlixBus . Tickets for the bus are usually cheaper (at least from Berlin) than the train. However, it might take you - depending on the traffic - some more minutes to get to Jena. When making a reservation with Flixbus you should check for the correct station of your departure/arrival. In Jena, there is only one bus station (Jena ZOB). However, in Berlin your bus might leave/arrive at Berlin TXL(Tegel Airport), Berlin ZOB (bus main station, close to the Funkturm), Berlin SFX (Schoenefeld Airport),... , which might save you some minutes or not!


    Please make your hotel arrangements individually. Here are some suggestions.
    The following hotels in Jena are all within a few minutes walk of the venue.
  • Hotel Zur Noll: (Website in German only)
    Oberlauengasse 19
    07743 Jena
    Arrangements for EuroAD: 10 rooms can be booked (first-come, first-served) using the code "EuroAD" until October, 5th, 2018.
    Prices per night with breakfast: 75 Euro for single and 92 Euro for double room

  • IBIS Hotel Jena City:
    Teichgraben 1
    07743 Jena
    Arrangements for EuroAD: 20 rooms can be booked (first-come, first-served) using the code "EuroAD" until October, 10, 2018.
    Prices per night with breakfast: 75 Euro for single and 86 Euro for double room

  • Hotel Zur Schweiz: (Website in German only)
    Quergasse 15
    07743 Jena
    No pre-arrangements for EuroAD

  • Hotel VielHarmonie:
    Bachstraße 14
    07743 Jena
    No pre-arrangements for EuroAD

  • Hotel Schwarzer Bär:
    Lutherplatz 2
    07743 Jena
    Rooms in very different categories; no pre-arrangements for EuroAD

  • Hotels with more luxury: (No pre-arrangements for EuroAD)

    Further information


    Unfortunately, no breakfast, lunch or dinner is included - except of the social event on Monday evening,
    which costs 29.90 Euro.


  • Tourist Information (including hotel booking): www.jenatourismus.de


  • Bouldering: Plan B
  • Swimming/Welllness: Galaxysea

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