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AD2016 - 7th International Conference on

Algorithmic Differentiation

Monday 12th - Thursday 15th September 2016

Christ Church Oxford, UK

Submission deadline for papers for post-conference publication in OMS extended to February 28 2017

Tom Quad Christ Church

AD2016 was held at Christ Church, Oxford, UK under the direction of an international program committee. It was a follow up to the six previous conferences held in Breckenridge (USA) in 1991, in Santa Fe (USA) in 1996, in Nice (France) in 2000, in Chicago (USA) in 2004, Bonn (Germany) in 2008, and Fort Collins (USA) in 2012. The conference was targeted at users of algorithmic differentiation (AD) from all application areas (eg, optimization, inverse problems, uncertainty quantification), AD algorithm researchers and AD tool developers.

Advances since the last meeting in 2012 included: new work for the differentiation of piecewise-differentiable programs; embedding AD in domain-specific packages (e.g., AD Model Builder for parameter estimation); more extensive use of AD in applications outside of the mainstays of engineering and earth sciences especially computational finance. In addition to these recent advances conference topics included: the use of AD in optimization and inverse problems; its application to ODEs/DAEs and uncertainty quantification. Given the proximity of the venue to London’s global financial center, we highlighted the role of AD in computational finance.

This conference series is the only venue dedicated to the collaboration between researchers in the field and the users of AD. The four year interval between the conferences ensures a substantial amount of new results will be presented.

More information on AD is available on the community web portal.

Invited Speakers

Invited speakers, listed alphabetically by surname, were:

Invited speakers were nominated by, and prioritised by ballot of, the members of the Programme Committee.

Programme, Presentations and Abstracts

The Programme, most Presentations and the AD2016 Programme and Abstracts book are all available .

Key Dates

Poster Submission - Closed

We provided Instructions for Authors intending to submit Poster Abstracts of 2 pages to the conference together with template LaTeX and BibTeX files.

Poster submission is closed.

Registration and Accommodation

Formal (late) Registration is now closed.

While we recommended staying in Christ Church, some other accomodation recommendations, with indicative daily rates for a single person, were:

Hotels are often expensive in Oxford so it was recommended you check online with Expedia,, Trivago etc to get a good deal.


Christ Church is located on St Aldgate's in the centre of Oxford and is convenient for all public transport links.

Financial Support

We thank SIAM for funding our invited speaker Paul Barton and providing support for the attendance of

We thank the SIAM - United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland Section for funding a prize for the Best Student Presentation which was award to Lisa Kusch of TU Kaiserslautern for her oral presentation Semi-automatic transition from simulation to one-shot optimization with equality constraints.

Conference Chairs

Programme Committee

The Programme Committee comprised:

Photo Gallery

Photos from the conference may be found in our Conference Photo Gallery.

Post-Conference Publications

Contributors to AD2016 may submit extended versions of their papers to a special edition of the Taylor and Francis journal Optimization Methods and Software to be edited by Andreas Griewank. Please see the OMS Special Edition Call for Papers.


Enquiries about the AD2016 conference should be sent by email with AD2016 in the subject field to Shaun Forth

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